The Dressage Directory is a Dressage Directory and link list site to pages containing equestrian and classical horse information .It is intended as an information resource for clubs,dressage results,chat,arena Diagrams, instructors,tests, warmblood horses , and tack / saddles for International Dressage enthusiasts.General International Dressage results are best from Euro Dressage, and Australian Dressage Results from the Equestrian Federation of Australia.

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Australian Trainers, Riders & Instructors


EF - Coach Search
The Horse Magazine Listings
Horseriding Coach - virtual instructor
Australian Horse Riding Centres

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New South Wales

Alex Clarke - Eastside Riding Academy
Ann-Maree Lourey
Brett Parberry - Parbery Performance Horsesl
Sharon Carroll
Carolyn Henley
Centennial Parklands Equestrian Centre
Claire Seidl - Tennyson Training Stables and Stud
Clemens & Judy Dierks
CM Dressage
Coralie Smyth Dressage
Cristine Crawford and Jeremy Janjic - North Kaludah
Enlightened Equitation
Glennis Barrey
Golden Park
Highlands Equestrian Centre - Jennifer Court
John Cooper
Jane Stanford
Jindabyne Equestrian Resort
Kaye Hannan
KEA Horse Training Stable - Rochelle King Andrews & Greg Andrews
KTW Dressage - Kate Taylor-Wheat
Lauren Fraser-Rath
Lyndal Oatley
Lizzie Wilson-Fellows
Matthew Dowsley
Michelle Baker
Miguel Tavora
Nicole Kullen
Robali Stud - Ali & Robbie Soster
Roger Fitzhardinge
Sally Evans
Sarah Venamore - Equiste
Sanna Equestrian - Rachael Sanna
Shaun France - Hunter Valley Equestrian Centre
Sharon Carroll
Southern Cross Equine Service
Somersby Falls Equestrian Park
Summerland Dressage Stables - Christine & Leah Fowles
Tanase Peckham
Wallaby Hill Farm
Wyronga Park Equestrian Centre
Yarramalong Equestrian Specialists

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By Design Equestrian Centre
Chantal Wigan
Davidson Equestrian
Di Rickards Balanced Riding Coach
Gypsie Lodge Equestrian Centre
Linda Shore
Jayden Brown Dressage
Jenny Kunde
Jenny Gehrke Dressage
Jocelyn Hutton Dressage
Nicole Tough
Pine Lodge Equestrian Park
PVS Training & Equine Services - Pamela Schuler
Riverside Equestrian Centre
Tammy Stephens
Tor Van Den Berge
Shane Davidson
Sheridyn Ashwood - Ashwood Park

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South Australia

Academy of Dressage - Barrie & Sarita Stratton
Clive Reed - Reed Equestrian center
Gillian Rolton - Clarendon Park Equestrian Centre
JT Equine - John Thompson

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Yering Equestrian Park

Adam Fawcett - Dressage Rider
Australian Equine Behaviour Center
Bellaire Dressage Stable
Dressage Australia Pty Ltd
Callum Park - Susan Elekessy
Cloverfern Equestrian Center - Emily Carter
Colleen Kelly - Rider Biomechanics
Equinoxe Equestrian - Catherine Louise Birmingham
Gillian Rolton
Glenbrae Equestrian Center - Brian Hodgson
Hill Cottage Dressage Centre - Charlotte Pedersen
Kelso Horse Training Center
Leigh Dunstan
Mary Hanna - Statene Park
Manolo Mendez
Richard Weis     ( Alternative Site)
Sunbury Lodge - Anne Smith
Susie Walker - Classical Riding & Dressage Australia
Yggdrasil Equestrian Training - Amber Smeenk

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West Australia

Classical Dressage Australia - Rebecca McDonnell
Hayley Beresford
Ellis Brook Training Centre
Remba Park Riding School
Sagamore Horses
Victoria Hamilton Dressage


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